Vehicle wraps are the best way to get your business to be recognized and get the attention of your ideal clients. It’s like driving your very own ad, without having to pay for a subscription. It’s so effective that it will pay for itself in no time.

Whether it is a company truck or a company cargo trailer, the vehicle wraps can be designed to best fit your advertising needs. From neon & matte colors to color changing & textured films we can create the perfect design for your vehicle or even commercial needs.

Let your vehicle wrap do the talking.

We do it all.

  • Cars & Trucks

  • Boats

  • Trailers

  • Campers & Motorhomes

  • RVs

  • Commercial Graphics

  • Color-Changing Films
  • Custom Designs
  • Custom Colors
  • ATVs/UTVs
  • Banners & Stickers
  • Perforated Films & More!

Custom Options

From color shifting to two tone vehicle wraps, we have some very unique color options that will set your vehicle apart from the rest. These wraps change color if your vehicle is in direct sunlight or shade, as well as depending on the angle it is being viewed from.

Here at Lupo Motors we have an in-house design team that turns your visions into a reality. No matter the intricacy of the design, our team make sure that every last detail is taken care of. Whether you are wrapping a boat or a trailer, we can create a custom graphic for you!


Vehicle wraps may be just the thing you need to take your personal vehicle, boat or motorhome to the next level. Our in-house designers & printing equipment make almost any design come to life. Whether you are looking for a new exciting color to wrap your vehicle in or a complex design, we can help!


The possibilities are endless with several brands & variations of vehicle wraps film to choose from and print on. From every step of the way we will be there to make sure that your vision becomes reality.


Give us a call or come on in!

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