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Don’t accept rock chips and surface scratches as your new norm

With paint protection films you won’t need to worry about the dreaded rock chip or light scuff marks. With the Xpel Paint Protection Films, your car is sure to be protected without the downsides of distortion of colours and the gross yellowing of the material. Xpel has put protection and optically correct properties at the forefront of their development. Because of the high standards of the material we trust these products on our very exotic and rare inventory.

Paint Protection Films

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Windshield Protection Films Now Offered

Enhance your Vehicle with the World’s First and Best Performing Windshield Protection—ClearPlex®

Because it’s more than a car, it’s a prized possession.


Driving on today’s highways can be hazardous—especially to your windshield. From small rocks to road debris, unwanted objects that strike your glass can lead to serious, costly damage, and driving distractions. Now you can safeguard your vehicle with ClearPlex Windshield Protection Film.


The Best Protection You’ll Never See

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