Range Rover vs. Grand Wagoneer. Is the Jeep worth it?

Yesterday, Jeep finally rolled out the official press release of the 2021 Grand Wagoneer concept. With a fully loaded Grand Wagoneer slated to cost over $100,000, how will it compete with a 2021 Range Rover?

2021 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Concept
2021 Range Rover

To start off, the outside of the Jeep looks stunning. While the current Jeep lineup doesn’t have any particularly ugly cars, the GW blows the rest out of the water. Still maintaining the Jeep style front grille, the boxy look and LED lights, the front end looks very bold. Currently the concept wears beautiful 24” wheels, a single pane full length glass roof, and backlit badging. While all of these options may simply be a concept gimmick, they look very exciting!

The grille and badging surrounding it, are all backlit with LEDs.
In case nobody can tell what you are driving at night.

At this moment Jeep has not confirmed engine options, however, the concept currently has a plug-in-hybrid powertrain under the hood. What has been confirmed however, is that the Wagoneer will be based on the Ram 1500 chassis, but will have independent rear suspension to gain a more comfortable ride. While numbers have yet to be released just yet, Jeep also claims an “unmatched” towing capability. 

The question must be asked, how many screens do you need?

What really stands out on this SUV is the interior, shown in photos from Jeep. Filled with leather and touchscreens everywhere, if Jeep can maintain the concept’s design and features, they may have a serious Range Rover contender on their hands.

Plush leather seats, rear mounted LED screens, and tons of controls on the center console.

2021 Range Rover 50th Anniversary Edition with an original Range Rover

The 2021 Range Rover on the other hand will start around the $94,000 mark, with several different packages and special editions ranging all the way up to $180,850 for an SV Autobiography. With the inline six cylinder and supercharged V8 engines as options, the Range Rover maintains its legendary off-road capabilities.

So, could Jeep possibly build a full size SUV that could battle with the great Range Rover? Based on the signs from this concept, there is a real possibility that the Grand Wagoneer could go head to head with the Brit. The luxury look is there, interior finish, and features galore may create a great luxury off-roader. But let’s be honest here, if you are looking to buy a luxury SUV for around $100,000 that can still take you into the dirt, snow, or tow your boat, would you really buy a Jeep over a Range Rover? The Grand Wagoneer may just make you change your mind on that one. We will find out for sure when it is expected to be launched in mid-2021.

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