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Cars, Cigars, Watches and Whisky is a new blog brought to you by Phil Sansotta, professional gentleman of leisure, and Drake Beaudry, owner of Lupo Motors. Phil and Drake enjoy the finer things in life and want to share their experiences of luxury items with you.

Cigar Review: Illusione Epernay

Our first blog post should be special and what better way to celebrate a first than by enjoying a cigar? Cigars have become a staple at Lupo Motors, and rightfully so, the vibrant flavors and aromas can be enjoyed in silence or over profound conversation. One such specimen is the Illusione Epernay, a cigar I was fortunate enough to make an acquaintance with. For those who aren’t familiar with the Illusione Epernay, it was ranked third for cigar of year by Cigar Aficionado in [...]

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