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The All New McLaren 3 Seater

McLaren started production of the McLaren F1 in 1992 which was one of the most technologically advanced cars of the time. Everything was done to the highest order including a gold lined engine bay, custom fitted luggage, and because it was constructed out of carbon fibre, Aluminum, and magnesium it was kept fether light. One of the most iconic features of the F1 is the three-seat configuration, which places the driver right in the centre of the vehicle, this feature is going to be implemented in the new McLaren which is codenamed the BP23.

The BP23 is set for delivery late 2019 or early 2020. The wait will be well worth it, but McLaren has already started tempting their buyers. To those who have placed deposits on their car, they will be receiving a custom sculpture that highlights the 3 seat layout. There will only be 106 units produced which is the same production number as the F1. Unlike the F1 which featured a BMW sourced V12, the BP23 will have the same heart as the 720s but with a large increase in power and will also incorporate a hybrid system that is said to be dramatically different than the P1. The starting point for the cockpit is going be from the 720s with some modifications to accommodate another passenger.

After hearing that the motor and chassis will be sourced from the 720s this may make people think that it is just a fancy 720, but the Senna was also built upon the 720s platform and yet it is a completely different monster. McLaren is known for overengineering their products which is most likely why they try to utilize their previously designed engine platforms and chassis configurations.

The BP23 is McLaren’s next successor to the ultimate series thrown. This vehicle is allegedly supposed to be the worlds fastest hybrid at 243 MPH, which would also make this the fastest McLaren ever produced. Not only will you be able to get there quickly, but you will also be able to bring lots of luggage. The F1 featured custom fitted luggage that had special compartments and was not only built for speed but also practicality. We are all very excited to see what the BP23 will have in store and we will keep you up to date as new developments with this car happen.

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