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The New Noble M500 Supercar!





The all new Noble M500 was just released at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and it sure is a head-turner. [But what makes this car in particular so attractive?] This car looks good because it has many traits that are similar (maybe too similar) to many other super/sportscars. Instead of “Noble,” this concoction of a car should be called “Frankenstein.”

The first resemblance is most obviously the C7 Corvette headlights; they are literally the exact same headlights. Although these do make the M500 a great looking car from the front, it does seem like Noble plagiarized the vehicle’s styling.

The next resemblance we saw was the C shaped air intakes on the side, resembling that of the Bugatti Chiron’s lines.

The front air intake resembles the Mercedes Benz Project One.

The final act(s) of copying are in respect to the new Ford GT. The M500 has floating rear C pillars like the Ford GT. And they didn’t stop there – the heart of the car is the same as the Ford GT. The M500 shares the same twin-turbocharged Eco-boost V6 as the GT. The Ford GT has 100 more horsepower, is much lighter, and has a lot more technology. However, with all the similarities, the Noble M500 is almost like it’s little brother.




Noble was founded in 1999 and has since been producing low volume, high-speed sports cars with a rear mid-engine rear wheel drive layout. The M500 is the next in the lineage of high-performance sports cars. The M500 is meant to rank just below the M600 in performance and designed for more comfort and practicality. Though Noble has yet to disclose the price of the car, their vehicles have always been known to produce very quick cars at lower prices than the Ferrari’s and Lamborghinis. In addition, the M500 is supposedly going to be more affordable than the M600.


Will it survive? Only time will tell if this car is a success or failure. Noble has produced some outstanding performance vehicles in the past but has yet been able to hit a home run with any of them. This “Frankenstein” car has the best features of the best cars. Though Noble utilizes the popular styling choices, their mashup may be thought of as more of a “knock-off” than innovation. However, Noble has taken advantage of the serviceability of the Ford Eco Boost and practicality of services through a Ford Dealer. With the patchwork of popular supercar styling and a motor that can be serviced anywhere, it will be interesting to see how Noble’s newest project will do.



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