Why We Starting Protecting Our Client’s Cars With PPF


Hello, Matt Ward here. I am Lupo Motor’s new detailer. After being in the industry for 11 years now I have seen far too many rock chips and overall road wear. This is why when I came on board we decided to add paint protection films to our list of services. We now offer the best protection for your automotive investments to match all of the other services that we provide here at Lupo Motors. 

Paint protection film, also known as PPF or clear bra, is the ultimate in vehicle protection. Its purpose is to keep your vehicle looking better for longer. PPF protects your vehicle from rock chips and other road debris that could damage your ride. The film is resistant to etching from bird bombs and bug splatters that can cause irreparable damage to your paint. The film we chose to install is Opti-Coat PPF. Opti-Coat PPF is one of the most optically correct films on the market, leaving less orange peel texture than other films.

Opti-Coat Film won’t yellow, peel or crack. The film is easy to clean and works in complete synergy with Opti-Coat professional coatings. Opti-Coat PPF is backed by a limited 7-10 year warranty.

Taking vehicle protection to the next level required next level training. I recently took a trip to Optimum Polymer Technologies, in Memphis Tennessee, to acquire a certification for the installation of Opti-Coat paint protection film. The certification course consisted of three days of hands-on training. During the course, we covered laying film that was digitally cut with a plotter for a precise fit to the panel of the vehicle. We also trained on cutting bulk film to wrap full hoods, doors, or anything not in the plotter system. That way, no matter what you drive, we can protect it.

Overall this training was a great experience and freshened me up on applying paint protection films and more specifically applying Optimum’s Paint Protection Films. Make sure to give us a call today to learn more about protecting your investment with a clear bra.


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