With our knowledge of the true market value of these vehicles, we are able to find the perfect investment for our clients quickly.

We have experience in handling inspections, authentication, escrow services, contracts, transportation and delivery.


Our process begins in a relaxed and comfortable lounge, where we explore the kind of investment you are looking for. We narrow down the make and model of your desired vehicle to then determine the different options that are available. For example, we discuss the specific features, colors, materials and return that you wish to see in your dream car.

Collaboration Meeting

We provide a list of available cars and discuss your options. During this meeting, we will decide what vehicles to further pursue in the purchasing process. We will also explain the actions we will take on each car, to ensure you are in the best financial position in this investment.


Automotive Investigation

We are most proud of the second step of the process – the hunt. Our team does extensive research to find the vehicle that you have always dreamed of. Our resources include partnerships with other dealerships, exclusive dealer and collector only auctions, and our well-established network of private collections.

Purchase and Delivery

In the last step of the process, a decision is made on a vehicle that fits the specifications of your dream car – both as an investment and a treasured addition. We negotiate to get you the best deal, agree on the price, coordinate a quick and safe transportation, detail the car to your standards and deliver the car directly to you.

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