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Exterior Auto Detailing

At the Lupo Auto Salon, you can have the peace of mind that your vehicle is in the hands of some the best detailers in Idaho. Our team is built of professionals who are masters at their craft, and truly care about their work. For the best detailing in Boise, give us a call.

Paint Correction

Whether your car needs a paint correction or a basic wash, our detailing department will leave your vehicle looking better than ever. Our services are designed to give your paint a brilliant shine, as well as remove some imperfections. Looking for the best “show car finish” possible? Contact us and ask about how we can help. Whatever the needs of your vehicle, our detail team can handle them.

Level 3 Correction

  • Multiple Steps of Paint Correction
  • Deepest Possible Scratch Removal
  • Highest Gloss, Depth, and Clarity
  • “Show Car Quality” Polish
  • Paint Sealant
  • Light Vacuum
  • Windows Cleaned Inside / Out

Cars: $850
Trucks & SUVs: $925

Level 2 Correction

  • Medium Level Correction
  • Improves the Paint’s Depth and Clarity
  • Paint Sealant
  • Light Vacuum
  • Windows Cleaned Inside / Out
  • Minimum Recommendation Before Applying a Ceramic Coating

Cars: $600
Trucks & SUVs: $675

Level 1 Correction

  • Light Polishing of the Paint
  • Removes Light Scratches and Micro Marring
  • Paint Sealant
  • Light Vacuum
  • Windows Cleaned Inside / Out

Cars: $350
Trucks & SUVs: $450

Automotive Cleaning

Basic Exterior

  • Hand Wash and Dry
  • Clean Door Jambs
  • Wheels Cleaned and Tires Shined
  • Tar and Grease Removal
  • Paint Decontaminated
  • Paint Clayed to a Smooth Finish
  • Paint Sealant
  • Light Vacuum
  • Windows Detailed Inside / Out

Starting at $150

Hand Wash

  • Hand Wash and Dry
  • Clean Door Jambs
  • Wheels Cleaned and Tires Shined
  • Light Vacuum
  • Windows Cleaned Inside / Out

Starting at $50

Not Sure Which Auto Detailing Service Is Right for You?

We understand that the many complex levels and layers of automotive detailing can be confusing. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help clarify and choose the right option for you and your vehicle. Click the green box here to start a quote.

It's Time to Find Your Dream Car

At Lupo Motors, we put our clients in the exotic and rare cars of their dreams. Also, we have exotic car consignment options for when you want to sell. And have exotic car acquisitions to help you find you dream car.

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Lupo Auto Salon and Detailing Services

Learn more about basic detailing options including paint correction, paint protection films and ceramic coatings. Give us a call to see which car coating is best for you.

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