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Gtechniq Coatings

With options for just about any surface and backed guarantees, Gtechniq is one of the top lines of coatings in the business.

Crystal Serum Ultra

Crystal Serum Ultra is the best that Gtechniq has to offer. This ceramic coating offers superior gloss, slickness, resistance to swirl scratching and chemical etching, all making your vehicle easier to maintain and protect. Backed by Gtechniq’s 9 Year Guarantee, this ultra strong coating (10h) is one of the best offerings on the market for long-term paint protection.
Crystal Serum Ultra can be applied either as a stand-alone paint protection product, or for the best hydrophobic performance, it can be topped with Gtechniq Exo.
Cars:  $1,400
Trucks & SUVs:  $1,600

Crystal Serum Light

Crystal Serum Light forms an ultra-durable, high-gloss, slick to the touch, chemically bonding layer of optically clear ceramic. Backed by Gtechniq’s 5 Year Guarantee, Crystal Serum Light can make cleaning and maintaining your vehicle much easier.
This high density and strong coating (9h) makes it difficult for contaminants such as tree sap, tar and hard water spots to stick to the surface of your vehicle.
Cars:  $1,000
Trucks & SUVs:  $1,200


Exo is Gtechniq’s most hydrophobic coating for your vehicle in the lineup. Putting Exo over the top of your paint, glass, or metal makes it that much more water and dirt repellent, meaning your vehicle is even easier to maintain. As an organic material, this coating bonds chemically with the surface it is placed on. With a durability of 18-24 months*, Exo is a great way to ensure that your vehicle is protected and easy to maintain.
*Durability based on proper care of the vehicle
Cars:  $600
Trucks & SUVs:  $800


HALO enhances the performance of Paint Protection Film (PPF) and Vinyl Wrap. It is a chemically bonding, ultra-dense flexible film that becomes the permanent surface of the film, protecting it from the ellements a car faces on a daily basis.
Rigorous real-world and laboratory testing has proven HALO to be compatible with all types of gloss, matte, and satin Vinyl and PPF. Overall, HALO keeps your vehicle in a much better condition and makes it easier to keep clean.
We recommend HALO on all full Vinyl Wrap and full PPF applications. 
Cars:  $600
Trucks & SUVs:  $800

Marine Coatings

Gtechniq’s Marine Coating line forms a protective barrier which is extremely hard and exceptionally durable. This makes it very effective at preventing swirling and minor scratching from washing. Paired with the Ceramic Top, the surface becomes extremely glossy and slick surface that bonds directly to your boat’s gelcoat.
Pricing is based upon overall length of each boat, please give us a call to schedule an appointment or for a quote.
Please Call for Pricing

Interior Coatings

Gtechniq’s I1 Smart Fabric AB protects all kinds of fabrics from water and oil based stains. It is breathable, extremely durable, and fluorocarbon free.
Gtechniq’s L1 Leather Guard forms a durable abrasion resistant matte finish which offers the best ever protection against abrasion damage, UV rays, dye transfer, and other discoloration. Friction protection is particularly important on seat bolsters, seat piping, and other high wear areas. The anti-stain function is most relevant for light colored leathers, which are easily stained by dark colored fabrics such as jeans.
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Modesta Coatings

We Are Idaho’s Only Modesta Certified Installers.  If You Want The Best, Modesta Is For You.

Private Label

The very best Modesta has to offer. Private Label combines the advantages of both organic and inorganic technologies, thus delivering unprecedented shine, protection, resistance and self-cleaning effect.
The Private Label consists of two parts, an extremely thick and hard inorganic base coat, and a super hydrophobic organic top coat. Both of them combine together during the application to form on durable protective layer, resistant to tar and asphalt from the roads, corrosion, oxidation, chemicals, and mechanical damage.
Modesta Private Label requires regular maintenance and yearly renewal. It delivers protection for up to 10 years and is especially suitable for the most exclusive vehicles.
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A new formula coating that combines the best advantages of the original Pure Liquid Glass coatings and highest quality nanograde titanium. This combination creates a deeper shine and better reflections on the paint.
The inorganic nature of this coating makes it fully resistant to oxidation. The hard physical barrier it creates also prevents paint from coming into contact with air and acts as an anti-scratch protectant.
Cars:  $1,800
Trucks & SUVs:  $2,000

Wheel Coating

Coating the wheels on your vehicle makes them easy to clean, protected from many harsh chemicals and contaminants, and can help keep them looking their best. Every wheels is different in the automotive world and we offer several different options to suit your wheels best. Please give us a call to discuss the best option for your wheels!
Our top level coating, Modesta’s BC-06 is an air-brushed by hand coating, that is designed to cover all edges and crevices of your wheels. With an extremely high temperature rating, the coating is strong enough to protect from burning hot brake dust
Wheel Faces:  $250
Full Wheels:  $600

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