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“In 2022, I traded in my 2014 Maserati Ghibli for a 2018 Kia Stinger. It was this beautiful black, and I have always wanted a black car. It looked so sleek but also very basic. When I began working with Lupo Motors this year, I kept looking at all the different colors of wraps and all of the customizing I could do to it. I never honestly thought I would want to move away from the original paint but come to find out, its not very easy keeping a black car clean. It kind of drove me crazy. Finding a new color for it was an option and I was ready to take that leap.

When it comes to car customization, there’s a special joy in transforming your vehicle into something that truly reflects your personality. We turned my Stinger into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Through the process of applying the 3M Ghost Satin Flip vinyl wrap, a full chrome delete, and the Modesta BC-X ceramic coating, my Kia Stinger underwent a complete change that not only turns heads on the road but also filled my heart with pride and excitement.

When it came to choosing the perfect color for my Kia Stinger’s vinyl wrap, it took me weeks to decide if I wanted to keep it all black, or completely change the look of it. But after changing my mind 3 or 4 times I fell in love with the iridescent look of the Ghost Satin Flip vinyl from 3M. We had recently wrapped a corvette in a color similar and I was in love with the way it changes colors as the sun hits it differently, this is the main reason I wanted to go with this color.

This unique color brings an ethereal quality to the car’s appearance, shifting between a mesmerizing blend of pearl white, soft silver, and subtle blue hues depending on the angle and lighting. The wrap shows off the Stinger’s sleek curves, giving it a mystifying and alluring presence on the road. I adore how the color reflects my own personality. Different depending on the angle and lighting. 😉

To further enhance the sporty and aggressive character of my Kia Stinger, I decided to also do a full chrome delete. I didn’t even realize how much chrome was actually on the car until it was all covered. And let me tell you, it really made it look sleek! We covered the chrome in a satin black vinyl, seamlessly blending with the Ghost Satin Flip wrap. We added the black satin vinyl to the door handles and also we left the roof black, almost as a two tone wrap. Definitely stands out from the other Stingers in town.

To preserve the finish of my freshly wrapped Stinger, I entrusted the application of Modesta BC-X ceramic coating. Beyond the technicalities, this ceramic coating offers unmatched durability and hydrophobic properties, ensuring my car stays protected from the elements. Really for me it was that washing it will be easier (I like to wash my car multiple times a week so this was important for me), keeping it clean will be easier and it will help keep it protected. But another thing that talked me into it was the intensified gloss and depth it brought to the wrap. This is definitely an eye catching car.

The journey of personalizing my 2018 Kia Stinger with Lupo Motors has been nothing short of magical. Each time I get behind the wheel, the joy and pride I feel are immeasurable.”


Thank you to Tiffany for sharing her story about customizing her Stinger!
For more information on vinyl wraps, click the link here!  Here


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